Which One Do You Like? Here is the Difference Between Cookies and Biscuits!

Many people like cookies and biscuits. This food is very simple to enjoy the moment with family or friends. To enjoy cookies or biscuits, we didn’t need to make it before. We can go to the market and buy it. One popular brand of cookies is Danisa Butter Cookies Website. The traditional cookies that served so simple. Make everyone can enjoy it in everywhere and every moment. 

Cookies and biscuits, this kind of food is look the same. But, there are some differences about them. Here is the differences between cookies and biscuits you should know.


The texture of the biscuits is softest than cookies. Cookies have the texture, like heavy, rough and crispy, full of things like nuts, raisins, chocolate chips, and oats. Even biscuit more soft than cookies, but biscuits still crispy and thick.

Cooking Technique

Technique for cooking is same. Both of them cooked by baking. The main differences between them is the composition. Cookies is more complex than biscuits. The dough of biscuit is like a bread in general, but more crispy. 

The Taste

Biscuits or cookies use sugar for the sweetener. How much sugar that use, its make  the differences between them. Biscuits use less sugar than cookies. The taste of cookies is more complex than biscuits. Cookies make some topping to enrich their taste. Cookies can be filled with different creams, and biscuits cant. Cookies are heavier and denser, while biscuits are lighter and fluffier. But both of them are similar delicious.

That is the difference between cookies and biscuits. For those of you who like the kind of cake, you can enjoy cookies or biscuits, Walmart.com is one of recommended online shops that sell Danisa Butter Cookies. At Walmart.com, you can find a lot of cookies and for sure the best promo too. 


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